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My family spent some free time together on this wide open field at Alam Impian…


My sunshine ….

My Youngest – Nurul Diyana



My Eldest – Nurul Umaira

Little did i know, you’re beautiful



Have we really appreciates things around us ? Very little i guest …..

Expressive Art


World and Gaza



Saw this expressive graffities on War and Palestine. I share the same sentiment here. Save Gaza and STOP the WAR !

Sometime i see things in black and white

Cruising at Tasik Shah Alam

When you drop by at Shah Alam, do take the boat ride at Taman Tasik Shah Alam


Taking afternoon walk at Tasik Shah Alam can be rewarding sometime. It’s even more rewarding if you bring your camera along for some shot opportunities that pop up and you’re ready with it.